Trombone Grande

Music for bass sackbut around 1600

Impression of the Trombone Grande programme

Cornett, bass trombone and organ, an unexpected ensemble. And yet, Giovanni Paolo Cima was the first composer to create a piece specifically for these three instruments with his sonata ‘per cornetto e trombone’ (Milan, 1610) …

The 'Trombone Grande' programme is exciting in every possible way: it is interesting and educating and offers many different timbres and arrangements, and a varied range of 17th century compositions, often unknown.

Usually, the bass trombone functions as a harmonic foundation or as a doubling for the bass voice. In this production, we shall take it a step further! Apart from the remarkable sound and coherent interpretations of individual compositions, the bass trombone will be centre stage. It reveals technical brilliance, radiance, and movingly soft and warm sound.

Still, each musician enjoys their own solo part. There will be improvisation on a piece by Lassus, there will be question and answer dialogue, echoes will be generated, ...

The programme presents work by Frescobaldi, Fontana, Bassano, Palestrina, Monteverdi, Lassus, Cima and Guami.