Discografie Oltremontano Antwerpen

Oltremontano has recorded several CDs or collaborated on recordings of other ensembles over the past 25 years. Below you will find an overview of this rich collection.

Paradisi Porte (2021)

Baroque Consolation (2019)

Coronation Music for Charles II
Coronation Music for Charles II (2015)

Sacrae Symphoniae
Sacrae Symphoniae (2013)

Weihnachtliche renaissancemusik
Weihnachtliche renaissancemusik (2013)

Trombone Grande
Trombone Grande (2012)

Heinrich Isaac
Heinrich Isaac (2011)

Bellum Pax (2008)

lambert De Sayve
Lambert De Sayve (2007)

VSPRS (2006)

Motets (2003)

Rhetorijckers en musyckers
Rhetorijckers en musyckers (2003)

Sebastián de Vivanco
Sebastián de Vivanco (2002)

Libro de Motetes
Libro de Motetes (xxxx)

Tielman Susato
Tielman Susato (2002)

Sonar Cantando
Sonar Cantando (2002)

De Vrede van Munster
De Vrede van Munster (1998)